Gamer, developer, dad.

Welcome to my site/blog/diary. I’m a 40 year old gamer, (opiniated) developer and a dad, not necessarily in that order ;) . I live in the Netherlands together with my wife and kids.

I’ve been gaming and programming since I bought my first computer at the age of 11: and MSX. A couple of years later I started an education for software engineer and got a PC, a good old 486.

I work for one of the largest Email Service Providers in the Netherlands. I’ve been working there for over 15 years now as a developer, system administrator and deliverability specialist.

Opinions are my own.

Recent posts

Starting MSX assembly part 2

Published at May 11, 2019 ·  2 min read

So, in the previous post we started with a small assembly program to produce a beep: db $FE ; magic number dw Begin ; begin address of the program dw End - 1 ; end address of the program dw Execute ; program execution address (for ,R option) org $C000 ; The program start at C000h in the MSX's RAM Begin: Execute: CALL $C0 ; Call the BEEP bios routine ret End: What I did not talk about was how to actually use an assembler to create an actual file which the MSX can execute....

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Simon's peleton

Published at May 8, 2019 ·  1 min read

Simon’s Peleton: We gae deur. It giet oan. (Post is in Dutch…) Oftewel: Een stel zeeuwen die de fietselfstedentocht gaat fietsen om geld in te zamelen voor Support Casper https://www.supportcasper-acties.nl/actie/paul-bosselaar Op 1 maart vorig jaar hebben we afscheid moesten namen van mijn vader Simon. Het gevecht tegen alvleesklierkanker kon hij niet winnen. Wij willen zijn arts Casper van Eijck van het Erasmus UMC steunen door geld op te halen voor baanbrekend onderzoek....

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Starting MSX assembly part 1

Published at May 5, 2019 ·  4 min read

I somehow get the feeling every now and then that more people want to know how to program things for old computers. Since I still have a working MSX and still sometimes program for it, let’s see if I can create some tutorials. Assembler The MSX has a Z80 processor on board. So you need a Z80 assembler if you want to program in assembly. You can use an assembler on the MSX like Wbass-2 or Compass, or you can use a PC or Mac for cross-development and use something like Sjasm or Glass....

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New website

Published at May 4, 2019 ·  4 min read

For some time now I wanted to really start with a new site/blog. With all the stuff that happened since 2018 I felt the need to write stuff down and to be more open then before. So to actually do that, I started this blog. Being a software developer I wanted to create it myself of cource. So the first thing to do was to search for software or a framework to create the site in....

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Splitting a video in a grid of videos

Published at November 24, 2018 ·  5 min read

Recently we had a nice idea for the soft-launch of our new website for the company I work for. In a symbolic way we let almost everyone take part by using their phones to display a part of the video. In the end we had 49 phones in a 7x7 grid displaying a video with a countdown timer, showing the new website afterwards. Pictures to video The video was made with just still pictures, ffmpeg-concat and the commandline tool FFMPEG....

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