Moved Server

July 18, 2020 - by Paul Bosselaar

When you are reading this, this website is no longer served from my own personal server. I’ve been running my own servers for years, but I didn’t feel like keeping the server up to date, configure it for email etc.

So I moved my domain,, to Google. My email is now hosted by Google G Suite and this website is now running on Google Firebase. Time to remove my VPS.

Moving was quite straightforward, although the email migration took quite a bit longer then I expected. My mailbox size is about 5GB but it took a couple of days before the migration tool copied all my email over to G Suite. And my own private server was not the bottleneck ;) After the mail was migrated it was just a matter of pointing the MX records to the Google ones and new mail arrived in Gmail.

Since I am using Hugo I only need a place to put the HTML files. The Firebase free tier is pretty generous for hosting a site like mine. So just like all the email, it was just a matter of using the firebase tools to upload the file generetad by Hugo, changing the DNS to point to Google/Firebase and presto, the website is no longer being served from my own server.

Time to make a few backups and shutdown the server.